About the Book

[row] [span7] Turning Education Inside-Out: Confessions of a Montessori Principal shows the impact that the Montessori experience has on the developing child, clears up misconceptions about exactly what Montessori is, and helps prospective parents determine if Montessori is right for their child. Montessori educators will also find the author’s insights into the challenges of successfully implementing the Montessori philosophy into the classroom and school to be helpful in their own journey.

Key Features

• Offers valuable insight from multiple perspectives: teacher, administrator, school owner, and teacher trainer
• Thoroughly explains the Montessori educational methodology, providing parents and others not trained in the philosophy with a better understanding of child development and the importance of the child’s environment during crucial developmental stages
• Reviews current theories on brain development and current trends in education, including the education of boys and testing, grades, and report cards
• Examines key issues affecting Montessori teachers and administrators, and provides a platform for them to express their viewpoints on the successful implementation of the Montessori philosophy

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